in the majoritiy of cases interactive point of sale communication is realized with touch screens or gesture controlled scenarios. to get in connection with this kind of information systems the customer has to establish the first contact by oneself. with eyecaptor we want to show an alternative, smooth and powerful way to get in contact with customers at the point of sale. if almost 75 percent of our mindfulness is based on our expectations there can not be a more intuitive human machine interface than to react based on the information what a person takes interest in and is looking for.
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project eyecaptor

ISE 2012 - eyecaptor project was exhibited on the QT, means without advance notice and without and explanation. Most of the people have been very impressed about the intuitive user experience and they really like to interact  with this innovative eyetracker system, because it is pleasing to the brain. So the eyecaptor passed his first public test with flying colours. Many thanks to our friends and partners from PeTa GmbH and Clausen+Reitsma GmbH.